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    A garment is a life-long partner. The person who covers herself with it, it gives her a sense of belonging, it secures her. The land I walk upon, is my pedestal, it gives me base and grounds from which I can start walking.
    I mold the land into garments.

    When I was a child, way before I learned there is "fashion", I loved following patterns over textures with my eyes, and over fabrics with my fingers. I admired Audrey Hepburn. Still do. I kept small antique found-objects, magazines from the 20's and 30's, pieces of lace, buttons and other little things.

    I grew up in a country of mixed cultures and hard edges. It all flows through me into my work - from Grandma Raya, who emigrated from Poland in the 50's, painted on pottery, using oil paints in the kitchen balcony of her little second-floor apartment, while Grandmother Miriam,  a Sabra, speaking fluent Arabic, living right on the shores of Acre, raising roses and herbs in her spacious garden of a warm-hearted house, always full of family and friends, overlooking a fish pond and wild-berries tree.
    Smells and colors, languages and gestures, every single tile and every piece of furniture, every ornament on every curtain are part of who I am today.
    In school I learned about dreams.

    In London and Paris, where I took internships, I learned how to weave dreams into reality. So I opened a storefront atelier, which I use to think of as an open closet. There, I learned about people and about the street. But of all I learned, it's femininity that I love and care about the most. The woman's body,  the compromises we take.
    I gave birth four times.

    {To be honest, only three. in the third one I gave birth to twins.}
    My work is who I am, a combination of my own personal biography, and the one of my predecessors and the one of the younger generations, I'm part of the history of my friend-embroiders in the neighbor Arab village in the Galilee, who do hand-embroidery and needlepoint straight on my items, turning each one of them into one of a kind.
    Just like us.



    Mirit Rodrig

    I was born in 1973‭ ‬in Northern Israel‭ , ‬where I live to this day‭, ‬with my husband and four children‭.‬

    In 1998‭ ‬I enrolled Shenkar College of Engineering‭, ‬Design and Art‭, ‬where I studied and graduated in the Fashion Design Dept‭.‬

    Upon completing my studies at shenkar‭, ‬I began working for the Israeli manufacturer Delta‭, ‬in their Londo studiosn‭, ‬later moved‭ ‬to the international department of Marks‭ ‬&‭ ‬Spencer‭.‬

    In the past 10‭ ‬years I am the house designer at Razili‭, ‬a local chain of boutiques‭. ‬I design for the company their high-end line‭, ‬under my own label‭. 

    At the beginning of 2019‭ ‬I decided it's time to launch my own brand‭, ‬MR‭. ‬

    The Paris Fashion Week 2019‭, ‬will be the public exposure of my first collection in small series of high-quality‭, ‬most of which will be made from natural fabrics‭, ‬and will be meticulously sewn‭, ‬and will be sold to the worldwide and online‭.‬

    Part of the collection presented in Paris‭, ‬is a collaboration with the London-based illustrator Tal Drori‭. ‬This is something I do every season‭, ‬I enjoy doing‭ - ‬cooperating with other creative people‭. ‬First‭, ‬I do believe that the phrase‭ "‬The result is more‭ ‬the sum of its particles‭" ‬is a great one‭, ‬second‭, ‬I like to be surprised by the thoughts of the other‭, ‬even‭ "‬pushed‭" ‬by it‭.‬