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    Mona V3 Dress Mona V3 DressOn Sale
    959.00 NIS 1,249.00 NIS
    Mona V2 Dress Mona V2 DressOn Sale
    1,149.00 NIS 1,449.00 NIS
    Mona Dress Mona DressOn Sale
    959.00 NIS 1,249.00 NIS
    Kibbutz Dress On Sale
    849.00 NIS 999.00 NIS
    Simon Dress Simon Dress
    1,400.00 NIS
    Sophie dress Sophie dress
    590.00 NIS
    Maria Dress Maria Dress
    1,690.00 NIS
    Lisa dress Lisa dress
    1,700.00 NIS
    Floura dress Floura dress
    2,500.00 NIS
    Fey dress Fey dress
    600.00 NIS
    Shira Dress Shira Dress
    2,100.00 NIS